Home-Call Computer Services


Thursday, 9th March 2006

After much discussion and deliberation an official takeover of HomeCall Computer Services is currently taking place by an exciting new computer technologies firm, Carigen (pronounced cah-ree-gayen).

The Carigen Group, predomininantely a software, systems analysis and security consultancy company with, established clients and background in the corporate sector, will merge HomeCall Computer Service's existing system building, tech support and callout sectors into it's existing corporate structure whilst, maintaining any existing commitments to it's clients.

Carigen CEO Steve Moss made the following statement earlier today:

"We are coming into a new era in computing where companies cannot survive solely by providing one service to customers.

We need to look to the future and realise that our strategy needs to be as diverse as the people we provide our services too.

I'm sure that with this new addition to our companies catelogue of services we can become a major player in the evolution of computing in years to come whilst, still, maintaining the simplicity and sincerity that makes us such a success today!"


The Carigen Group

You can contact Carigen via e-mail at: